Friday, October 12, 2012

Affordable Quality Graphic Design for Professional Musicians

The Hidden Price of a Cheap Graphic Designer
Nowadays, it's easier than ever to set yourself up as a professional musician. There are so many ways for you to be market your music. Know that if you want to be sought after for your music, then your design plays crucial role. Lots of other musicians whine and say "How much do i HAVE to pay for graphic design?" They often seek a cheap designer hoping that it will work, but most often this backfires on them.

What precisely about cheap graphic design is the problem?

Cheap Graphic Design

From your bestfriend's sister, to your guitarist's uncle, to the local college student... you can get hold of cheap graphic designers everywhere you look. The initial price of using a cheap designer, may be really tempting, but there's often a reason that these designs are so inexpensive. Many of these designers will not be able to give you with the essential skillfulness, expertise, and artistic ability that you need in order to be perceived as professional. Not to discount them, they will do their best, but when the design is finished, it might look like no more than pictures and other elements thrown on the page. Through any one of a hundred ways, this cheap graphic design can ruin your ability to drive people to your music. You are also sacrificing the chance to powerfully attract listeners, but most importantly through cheap design you surrender being perceived as a professional.

While cheap graphic designers may be inexpensive initially, they carry with them some deep risks. Is it worth risking your reputation as a professional? Are you willing to risk blowing the first impression with the radio station, A&R rep, or booking agent? With all the deliberate work you've put into your music, are you willing to risk it all just to save some change in the short-term? Great music all over the world rots away on itunes, soundcloud, and shelves everywhere due to the lack of powerful design. Your design is the biggest thing that stands between you and your listeners.
Now that we've looked at the true cost of cheap design, let's take a look at how your band can start to get noticed and drive people to your music. And this is through quality graphic design.

Professional Graphic Design

Let's begin with the fact that professional designers are in reality way more affordable than you'd expect - especially when you factor in the cost and benefits in the long term.
One of the best parts of working with these professionals is that they know exactly how to work with you in a way that brings out your uniqueness. They very carefully consider how to visually represent your music so that you are irresistible to listeners. A professional cd designer makes you be perceived as a professional, and this is ALL the difference!

So...How much is this worth?

Keep in mind, this is more than just purchasing graphic design--it is about creating something that literally drives people to your music. So again we must consider, how much is quality graphic design worth to YOU?

How you answer the question of design worth is solely based upon your understanding of this powerful tool and the level of commitment to your music career. It isn't as difficult or expensive as you might imagine to find a quality graphic designer that brands you into the minds of potential listeners.

Now that you're asking "Where the heck can I find a professional graphic designer?!" Read on, my friend...

The designers at Indie Graphic Design specialize in you being as a professional musician. We focus on giving you major label design at DIY prices. Start driving people to your music now at


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